Psychotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation
to make peace with food, your body, and your life. 

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Do you often feel powerless over food and end up feeing guilty, ashamed or physically uncomfortable after eating? Do you eat to relieve stress, boredom or sadness? Are you worried about the harmful impact your eating behaviors may be having on your health?

Perhaps when you diet or count calories, you always seem to “cheat” or lose control and eat even more, fueling your sense of powerlessness. Do you feel increasingly critical of your weight and shape? Have you lost touch with your sense of hunger or fullness, or get a "high" from prolonged hunger? Are you tired of obsessing over food and fat, and worrying about your weight?

These issues can be painful and isolating, but you aren't alone. Help is available to guide you to explore the areas in your life that aren't working, and move toward positive change. 

How I Can Help You

With over 8 years of experience, I can help you to create a life that you can love. I provide both psychotherapy and exercise rehabilitation using a body positive personal training model, to offer hope and guidance.  

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As a skilled and compassionate psychotherapist, my hope is to help move you toward healing, reconnection, balance, and vitality. I believe that the insight developed in therapy is a powerful force in discovering meaning, solutions, and your authentic self. Although my expertise and experience spans a variety of issues, I have a particular interest in helping folks with eating disorders, body image, and life transitions or identity shifts.

Exercise Rehabilitation

I provide exercise rehabilitation using a body positive personal training model at my private, mirror-free studio.

By focusing on what your body can do, rather than your perceived imperfections, you can learn to trust the wisdom of your body, and find genuine confidence and compassion toward yourself. As a certified personal trainer, my goal is to help you strengthen and reconnect with your physical self in an empowering and affirming environment to transform body image, and to inspire hope and healing.  Click here to learn more about body positive personal training to help you recover from overexercise, exercise resistance, and everything in between.

I am passionate about healing hearts, empowering bodies, and shining light on the wisdom you already possess. 

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There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche